After having opted for one of the most prestigious careers in the country, the first step you need to take towards your goal is that of understanding the examination procedure and then planning your strategy for success. This first step is important as - First Step well taken is half the Battle won!!

The UPSC is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams in the world. Tough as it is, attempting the UPSC is very challenging and fulfilling. In understanding the examination procedure, most students focus only on studying and not on strategizing and practicing. Very few people know and believe that a very important aspect of strategizing and practicing is analyzing the previous year’s papers.

There are innumerable little aspects like this which need to be understood and followed if success has to be attained. However, one does not have to first commit these mistakes and then learn from them since we at Study Circle have put the correct strategic framework in place after years of painstaking research, analysis and experience. I dare say that a successful and time tasted framework is in place. Successful application of this strategic framework in various competitive exams by our students has borne them the fruit of success. The strategy has been called 50S + 35P + 15R = SUCCESS. Here 50S = 50% Studies, 35P =35% Perceptual Skills and 15P = 15% Reasoning Ability. This strategy breaks the 24x 7 studying for success myth and entails that to succeed in any competitive examination; an optimal combination of SPR is required. Again I wish to emphasize that this is not a straightjacket formula applicable to everyone but a framework within which each aspirant’s strategy can be moulded taking into consideration individual characteristics. This is exactly what the Study Circle UPSC course envisages to do.

That the syllabus for the exam will be completed is to be taken for granted. It is the remaining skill sets which are important and for which special efforts are made at Study Circle so that you win. I hope to welcome you to institute for a counseling session and wish you all the best for the future.

With warm regards,

Dr. Anand Patil

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