The growth of Study Circle has been like Cascading Waterfall. What started as a small trickle of informal guidance and motivation has today transformed into a huge waterfall of training , motivation and success. Today Study Circle is not looked upon as a class or a institution, but rather as a movement of social change and empowerment spreading the message that if you have the will, dedication and pure intentions you can do it no matter what socio - economic background you come from. Instrumental in spreading this positive message emanating from the vision of founder director Dr. Anand Patil have been the various centres of Study Circle and their respective centre heads and staff.

One of the prime centres of the institute is located in the heart of the Knowledge Capital - Pune. Spread oven an area of 10,000 sq. ft. the Pune centre is a hub of student activity and innovation in the field of training. It also houses the famed “Study Circle Research Foundation” which incessantly looks into ways of providing better training modules to students. The centre headed by centre manager Mr. Mahesh Mane is a benchmark in quality services and training facilities. The faculty are trained under the stringent supervision of Dr. Anand Patil are themselves role models for teachers across the state, Be it Prof. Pravin Biradar for Science, Prof. Doiphode for Geography, Prof. Dinesh Kalpande for Rural Administration or Mrs. Shobhana Alawani for Marathi Language all of them are immensely popular across the state and are also invited for guest lectures by colleges and premier institutes like the agricultural universities. These members are ably guided and supported by a team of noted visiting faculty members like Shri V.N. Dandekar, Shri. Anil Ankalgi , Prof. Jaysinghrao Pawar and others. The Pune centre is also home to many innovative and student oriented courses like the Summer Batch for primary teachers, Fast Track batches, Simulated tests and online tests. At any given point of time the centre provides training and library facilities to 600 students.

Our Aurangabad centre has been vital in spreading awareness about competitive exams in Marathwada. After it started functioning in 1994 the results of the Aurangabad centre students in various competitive exams have improved drastically and the share of Marathwada students in administrative services has improved substantially. Headed by the small in size, but big on attitude and confidence Shri. Pachuram Khokad, this centre is a beehive of activities, tests, contests and serious study. The Nagpur centre has become a beacon of light for students from the far flung areas of Gadchiroli and Chandrapur, Wardha and Hinganghat and also for city students. Before Study Circle there was no one to provide them with accurate information regarding competitive exams and strategy for preparation. The Nagpur centre has become the students best friend. The Study Circle centre in Nashik is visited regularly by all academically inclined administrators in the district, be it Addl. Collector Shekhar Gaikwad, Dy. Collector Deepak Chavan, Dy.Sp. Ravindra Pardeshi, Tah. Manoj Ghode or others. The excellent relations of the alumnus with the centre manager Santosh Gulmar, ensures that students get regular exposure to role models. Though the centre in Mumbai at Dadar is also the head office of the institute, the staff here fulfils both roles with elan and a smile. The Dadar centre guides not less than 1000 students every year.

Likewise each and every centre of Study Circle be it a small contact centre at Parli Vaijnath or the centre at Delhi is looked upon by students as a source of correct information and true guidance. Today the name of Study Circle ensures that the student will get a straightforward guidance and equal treatment devoid of any socio cultural or economic biases.